ULTTY Bladeless Tower Fan | R10 White
ULTTY Bladeless Tower Fan | R10 White
ULTTY Bladeless Tower Fan | R10 White
ULTTY Bladeless Tower Fan | R10 White
ULTTY Bladeless Tower Fan | R10 White
ULTTY Bladeless Tower Fan | R10 White
ULTTY Bladeless Tower Fan | R10 White

ULTTY Bladeless Tower Fan | R10 White

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【Safe for Babies】: With the latest technology, this ULTTY bladeless air circulator fan does not have any blades which makes it a safe fan for kids' room. No more fear of using traditional fans that have blades. Use this fan in front of kids or pets without the fear of an accident.

【Natural wind & 9 Speeds】: Use patented air multiplier technology make a super smooth air flow taking heat away unconsciously. ULTTY fan is designed with nine different cooling speeds that make the air flow precised. You can very efficiently regulate the speed according.

【Best Air Conditioner Partner】:  As we all know the cold air sinking, this ULTTY circulating fan inhale air from the bottom through 4-layer purification works on moving the whole room air, making the room temperture moderate.

【Dual Control with Timer Facility】: You can easily manage the operational hours of the fan by using the embedded timer facility. The fan listens to both its remote and LED control, thus use the one that seems convenient to you.

【Applicable scene】: Air-conditioned rooms, close to you in 2 meters (for power saving). This is a new design concept tower fan, please understand the great difference from traditional fans.

"WHY ULTTY? In last 5 years, ULTTY adhere to the concept that design products for morden life. This fan is conceptually completely different from traditional fan. ULTTY table fan can not make strong wind but it can creat accurate smooth air flow. Reduce the noise below to 50db in 3-speed working mode. We know it is not enough and we are still working on it.


Recommended scene: air-conditioned room, office table, beside air-conditioner, bedside and so on.


With an oscillating base, 8 precise airflow settings, LED digital display, sleep timer with preset intervals, and a magnetized remote control that stores on the fan, you can create the perfect environment in any room.


Safely and easily clean this fan without the worry of a standard fan grille and without spinning blades.

5 meters distance of remote control.

Very easy to put and store,can be used for the office, kitchen, living room or children's room.

Rated Voltage:110-120V

Output power:26W


Cable length:1.8m

Product Size:11""*11""*36""

FOC drive, noise<50db, high efficiency and low consumption.

Wind noise:

1-Speed: power consumption 7w, speed 0.9m/s, noise 41db;

2-Speed: power consumption 8w, speed 1.1m/s, noise 44db;

3-Speed: power consumption 9w, speed 1.5m/s, noise 46db;

4-Speed: power consumption 11w, speed 1.7m/s, noise 48db;

5-Speed: power consumption 13w, speed 2m/s, noise 51db;

6-Speed: power consumption 15w, speed 2.2m/s, noise 53db;

7-Speed: power consumption 18w, speed 2.5m/s, noise 56db;

8-Speed: power consumption 25w, speed 3.5m/s, noise 60db;"