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ULTTY Household Sodium Hypochlorite Generator for Multi-purpose Cleaning

ULTTY Household Sodium Hypochlorite Generator for Multi-purpose Cleaning

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This product is very convenient to use. You can easily use it regardless of men or women. You only need 330ml of water + 2g of salt, turn on the sodium hypochlorite generator, and choose a concentration. Wait 3-10 minutes (depending on the concentration), you can get hypochlorite disinfection water, which can be used in various scenes at home. The cleaning effect is as high as 99%, and it does not contain harsh chemicals. Choose the appropriate concentration according to the mixing ratio of different salt and water. All concentrations are gentle to the human body, provide super cleaning and deodorization capabilities, and will not expose you and your family to strong odors and irritating chemicals. The sprayer comes from the Netherlands, no noise, ultra-fine nozzle design, good atomization effect, wide coverage, push nozzle, one click to start cleaning.

🔥 Easy to use : 330ml water + 2g salt, turn on the sodium hypochlorous acid generator and select one concentration. Wait for 3 to 10 minutes(according to different concentrations) , and you will get the hypochlorite disinfection water, it can be used in various scenes at home.

🔥 Up to 99% Cleaning Effect: just electrolytic brine to get sodium hypochlorite with no harsh chemicals. Very effective and great to use at the office, school, home or around your loved ones plus it’s naturally-derived and eco-friendly.

🔥 3 Mode for Choose : According to the mixing ratio of different salt and water, choose the appropriate concentration . All concentrations are very gentle around human, provides super strong cleaning and deodorizing abilities, without exposing you and your families to strong odors and harsh chemicals.

🔥 Sprayer- Designed : Our sprayer is imported from Holland, with noiseless, ultra-fine nozzle design, good atomization effect, wide coverage, push-type nozzle,just one click to start cleaning.

🔥 24-hour customer service: Our products are strictly controlled by quality. If you have any questions about use, please feel free to contact us. We will provide 24-hour customer service

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Product Description

ULTTY was founded in 2001 in LA. We aimed to provide good small appliances, fans, and household portable heaters. After 20 years hard work, innovation, We run our business in 12 countries and we have over 5 million customers worldwide.

ULTTY do manufacture, freight and sell direct, provide the best value.

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    Warm mode: 4 speed settings.

    Cooling mode: 9-speed settings

    Set a perfect breeze for your cooling/heat zone.

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    The tower fan uses air circulation technology, turbulence creates a diffuse, widely distributed airflow to bring you an incredibly comfortable space.

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    This bladeless fan has no fast spinning blades for safe use around kids, pets and while cleaning.

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    Equipped with 3-mode & 9-speed settings, Control by LED touch-screen or remote control, this space saver is smartly designed for any home or office.

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  • Efficient Cooling

    Moving air from bottom then out put air from long strip outlet makes whole room air 3D circulate. Build-in multi-layer-dust-isolation keeps room air fresh all the time.

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  • Built-in timer

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  • Air Purifier Funtion with H13 HEPA

    With a 360˚ sealed H13 HEPA and activated carbon-filter

    CARB certified this air purifier fan works on H13 HEPA standard(speed 1-9).

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Customer questions & answers

Q:What is the dB noise level at the different speed settings?

A:At 1-5 speeds, you can hardly hear the noise. At 6-7 speeds, the dB noise is less than 20. At 8-9 speeds, the dB noise is 25-35.
By Teacher/Mom on August 12, 2021

Q:How often dies the filter need to be changed? We area Non smoking/no pet home

A:The filter is expected to last 3 to 6 months. It depends on the size of the room and the speed you set the fan to. The bigger the room and/or the higher the fan speed the quicker the filter will wear out.
By Gregory Borges on August 20, 2021

Q:Would this be enough to keep a room comfortable in summer without a/c?

A:I would have to say for me, it would have to be... No. I am a heavy dude and like my cool air in the summer. It does cool myself down quite a bit. I some times put it in the window to bring in the cool air at nite. It has worked real well for me. But I do use it in conjunction with the air conditioning. I enjoy my fan.
By Greg E on May 17, 2021

Q:Is the fan ozone free ?

A:HEPA filters – These filters are designed to remove 99.97 percent of all particles that are 0.3 microns in diameter from the air. While they are not effective against odors, VOCs or other gaseous pollutants, they do not produce any ozone. ... Carbon filters are completely ozone-free
By Greg E on September 11, 2022

Q:How do you turn on the air Purifier?

A:When the unit is turned on the air is pulled in through the filter then goes out through the fan. That's how it cleans the air.
Kathy S · August 8, 2021

About US

ULTTY: a supplier of bladeless fan and vacuum sealer with exclusive air multiplication technique. To date, ULTTY bladeless fan has applied for 34 worldwide utility models and appearance patents patents. We fully integrate product design, production, sales, installation, and customer support in our effort to provide affordable.

In order to be in line with "quality first, constant improvement, long term cooperation", our team serve our customers heart and soul ,and offer as much help as we can to make the customers happy and satisfied with our company. We appreciate for the support from customers, we promise to give you the best quality products and the best service in return!

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